"Later that evening, we met Kate, our instructor for the yoga portion of the retreat.  Have you ever met someone and immediately felt like you’ve known them forever?  Well, that describes Kate.  She is open, honest and real.  I was terribly nervous about the yoga classes.  I had never taken a yoga class.  Not a single one.  Nada.  Could I physically do the poses?  I wasn’t too sure.  As we started our first session, reality melted away and Kate’s soothing voice led me through my very first yoga class.  Restorative, I think is what she called it.  Well let me tell you, I was restored!  How could it legally be possible to feel this good?  Dammit, I had been missing the yoga boat my whole life, but I’d sure be willing to jump on it then!!" - Pam, attended Horses and Yoga Retreat in New Mexico where Kate led the yoga portion of the retreat