The Window Within Mentoring Program
Spiritually Embodied Living

Illuminate, Create, and Radiate!

What is the intention of this program?

You are spirit. You are human. You are a spiritually embodied being. Sometimes you forget that. Sometimes you get stuck in your humanness and forget the light of your spirit. Sometimes you get stuck in the radiance of spirit and forget to allow yourself to be human. To be spiritually embodied means to live in love as the union of the two into one. To be Spiritually Embodied means to live as the light of love in daily life.

This mentoring program will help you LOVE YOU, all of you! You will travel through experiences to merge together body, mind, heart, and spirit, through the vibration of love, while also getting to know each part individually.

This program is built to support you in every area of life. It will help you move through obstacles by using them as stepping-stones to support your dreams. It will allow you the freedom to express yourself with clarity and compassion. It will help you define what you want for your life, and give you many tools to create that life in a healthy, loving way.

This program will be customized to meet you where you are in your life. You, Spirit and I will decide at our first meeting what areas of life you want to focus upon, where you feel stuck, stagnant, or confused, where you feel ready to expand and grow; it’s an open door!

I will be here as a guide, as a support, and as someone to help nudge or push you out of your comfort zones to create the changes your are seeking in your life. My intention is to hold a safe, loving, compassionate space for you to journey inward and experience the magnitude of your Divine Radiant Light that resides within your heart.

I built this program on the experiences, trainings, and wisdom I have learned through the 20 years of being on this journey of Self-Love. I will be real, authentic, and honest as we progress through these months together. You will be held in love at all times and given the trust, respect, and grace that you always deserve. I only take a few people at a time for this offering. As one student finishes the program, I will open up another spot.

The practices you will be using cover a wide expanse of offerings including:

  • Yoga (all aspects of yoga, not only poses)
  • Meditation
  • Intuitive Development, including Archangels, Spirit Guides, Intuitive exercises
  • Creative Processing
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Journaling
  • Emotional Embodiment
  • Energetics of Food and Body Image
  • Energy Healing
  • Shadow Work
  • Shamanic Practices
  • Nature-based Learning
  • And more!

Each person will have a different experience, and may or may not use all these practices, as Spirit leads the way throughout this journey.


Get Ready to Illuminate, Create, and Radiate!


In the first 2 months, you will be focusing on Illumination. What is Illumination? It is to bring light to all the places within you that you hide in the dark. It is to bring awareness, acceptance and unconditional love to all aspects of Self and to connect to Self-Love.

There are probably places and parts of you that you tend to hide, shy away from, and/or are embarrassed to talk about. Are there stories of the past that tend to bother you to this day? Do you often tell the same story about your life over and over again?

This Illumination period will allow you to see these parts of you and the stories of the past as brilliant pieces of who you are today. They are not ugly scars that need to be hidden anymore. They are pure magnificence waiting to be seen, expressed, and used to help inspire others to do the same

The period of Illumination will be intense, transformational, and profound in shifting your inner world into one of Love.


After completing the Illumination process, you will step into creation. Once you see, feel, and experience your light, you will create a relationship with it. How does it feel to love you? When do you tend to hide your light? Where do you still feel apprehension over sharing it with those you love, and those who you would rather not engage?

This time of creation is one of contemplation, getting clear with what you want in your life, where are you holding yourself back, how do you need to shift your internal world to manifest your desired life. The creative process starts inside. We bring it into form once we have embodied it.

This period of creation will hold the key to the last phase of this program. You will learn to live guided by the light in your heart. As you create internally, you will be ready to Radiate.


The final 2 months will be to Radiate. Radiate is fully owning who you are, how you want to show up in the world, proudly standing in your truth and power, and radiating out your Divine Light to all who cross your path. To radiate it to allow all the world to see YOU, in all your Divine Radiant Beauty!

The processes during these months will continue to unveil the brilliance and beauty that lives within your heart, teach you how to hold it gently and with compassion, how to allow it to be your guide in daily life, and how to project it into the world in a way that serves your highest good.

By using the energy you have opened into, the brilliance of your being, you will move through processes of manifestation to begin to build the life you desire, internally and externally.

This time to Radiate is your time to SHINE! Your time to show the world the Light of your heart in physical form. It is the time to integrate and live authentically from your heart as the Spiritually Embodied Being that you are!


This 6-month program consists of:

60-minute weekly calls

2, 90 minute sessions per month,
either in-person or over phone/skype

2, 1/2 day in-person retreats, one at the beginning, one at the middle

1 Full Day Retreat with Me at the end of the program in Sedona

Most books and materials are included in cost of program. Anything additional would be if we add/change it to meet your needs.

I will make myself available to you through text and email, to be used in your conscious discretion. You will be able to have additional sessions at a 20% discount if needed.

Personal Investment:

The full cost of the program is $4444. A non-refundable deposit of $1200 is due at time of registration. The remaining $3244 can be paid-in-full or split into payments up to 12 months. If you pay it all up-front, I will add an additional discount of $644, bringing the total cost to $3800.

Register by emailing me, or fill out the form below. Please state whether you want to pay the deposit or in-full.

I will send you an invoice. Once it is paid, I will send you a questionnaire to complete. This form will give me more information on you, your intentions for the program, and deeper knowledge about your intentions. We will go through it in entirety on your first half-day.

I look forward to journeying with you on this path of Self-Love!

May you always follow the light that is in your heart and let it guide you home.

Many Blessings and Gratitude,