Intuitive Yoga Coaching

Intuitive Yoga Coaching uses the practices of yoga, client-directed dialogue, energy healing and intuitive guidance. This offering allows you a safe, supportive space to connect to your Higher Self and place of intuition where your own Divine energy can restore, rejuvenate and promote healing from the inside out.

I created this offering as a combination of all my trainings and experience to bridge together various mind, body, and spirit therapies.

A fully present, embodied experience, you will begin to learn and understand the profound relationship between your mind, body, and spirit.

Clients report:

  • release of stress and anxiety
  • improved sleep
  • decrease and disappearance of pain
  • deepest state of relaxation ever felt
  • connections to past-life memories
  • release of physical and emotional tension
  • acceptance of Self
  • integrated awareness of body-mind-spirit
  • healing messages from passed on loved ones
  • ability to connect to passed on loved ones on their own
  • healthier relationship to loved ones and oneself
  • overall improvement in well-being

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Kate Shipp’s Intuitive Yoga Therapy has changed my life.

Her energy work relieved my physical as well as my emotional pain.  She taught me that my energy (or vibration) and the space I hold for myself and others is a place where I may choose love, light and harmony in any situation and when I do, my heart can feel it and my actions reveal it.

Kate’s intuitive awareness has surprised me and brought me joy.  I have learned some of the history of my soul’s journey and also discovered higher spirit realms that watch over me, protect me, heal me and guide me in my daily life. It’s most comforting.

If you are looking for private sessions in yoga, Reiki, or to explore your intuitive self you won’t be disappointed. Kate is a beautiful, wise and intuitive loving soul and I am honored that she has crossed my path in the journey to find my true authentic self. - Glenna