If I told you

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If I told you

If I told you, you are beautiful, would you believe me or would you create an excuse?

If I told you, you are capable, would you agree or argue that you’re not?

If I told you, you have a choice, would you say you don’t?

If I told you, you are brilliant, would you smile and say thank you or give me all the ways you could improve?

If I told you, you are good enough, would you open your heart to receive or sink inward at the reasons you feel you aren’t? 

If I told you, I love you, would you be able to say it back or would you run through the many reasons you feel unloveable?

If I told you, you are perfect, would you blush or speak the reasons why you are not?

If I told you, there is no reason to feel ashamed, would you hear me or go back in time to all the memories you are carrying heavy on your heart?

If I told you, you have a great purpose here, would you believe me or brush it off saying we all do?

If I told you, within you is a light that has the power to light the whole world, would you embrace the possibility of it being true or push away the potential that lies within you?

If I told you, You are the light, would you be willing to see the glowing radiance that dances in your eyes when you speak about what you love or would you glance away and retract from the true essence of who you really are?

If I told you, you are the image of God in human form, would you consider it or would you turn away from the gift of being human? 

If I told you, you are loved so deeply that no matter where life takes you, no matter what happens, no matter what you do, there will never be a more beautiful, perfect you, would you be so willing to surrender into that promise or would you shy away from the grace of mercy?

All of this is true. 

You are beautiful, capable, brilliant, good enough, loved, forgiven, filled with grace, blessed by mercy, given free will, destined for greatness, a radiant light, perfectly designed to fulfill your own unique purpose birthed into your heart by the spark of the Divine. 

Yes, yes you are. All of this and so much more. 

So much love to you,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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