Healing Insights on the Journey to Joy 

Healing Insights on the Journey to Joy 

The past 10 days have been rich with awareness. Here are a few that have opened up for me. Maybe they will resonate or help you too. 

1. When my body has a new feeling or a symptom, my mind immediately goes to worst case scenario. Why? Because when my body was having new sensations, they were caused by harmful, betrayal behavior. My body became a source of feeling unsafe instead of a source of joyful pleasure. This led to protective dissociation, and not wanting to feel my body because I could not trust its messages. (Fortunately, over the past 6 years I have learned otherwise.) 

2. When life gets tough and overwhelming, my tendency was to up my work and dive in deeper to avoid the pains asking to be met with love. Why? Because I was not aware that it is okay to feel overwhelm and unsure about life, and even more so, I was unaware that I am strong enough to handle it. 

3. I had a core belief that I was unworthy of happiness, joy, and love because of the perceptions in my mind that my child-self bought into and heavily invested in at a very young age. Why? Because someone I was supposed to have been able to trust, who said they loved me, betrayed me and my body. Therefore I created the story that love, joy, and happiness are not safe, and definitely not safe if presented by someone who says they love you. 

4. I get light-headed and spacey when too much energy happening within me and around me. In the past I attributed this to be tired, ungrounded, disconnected. Really it is my empathic gifts showing up in an unhealthy way. Overstimulated, too much commotion, too much of everything. I am learning to harness the energy and send it down into the Earth to root me while also inviting it to ascend up into the sky to keep me open to Divine guidance. I become an energy rod instead of a spastic, electrical fuse with no where to plug into for grounding. 

This healing journey is not easy but bringing many blessings of hope, faith, and love. New insights are abundant and lessons are being integrated. 

If you are struggling to gain new perspective on why patterns keep repeating in your life, and why you can’t seem to make forward progress, reach out. See a therapist, a great life coach, a mentor, a friend who can hold space without judgement, a trusted teacher/advisor, a healer. 

Seek shelter from the storm and begin to observe the chaos instead of sitting in the middle of it. 

Much Love,

Kate 🙏🏻💚😇

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Today something changed

Today something changed

Today I allowed my heart to be first and turned my energy away from fear. Fear tried to get me to stay home instead of following heart guidance to go to Sedona. Exhausted and not sure how I would make it, I felt the deep call of my spirit to be cleansed by the waters of Oak Creek. 

Fear lost. 

Today I soaked in sacred waters and let them wash away my old self. I felt the old stories, traumas, pains, fears being released from my being and taken down stream. 

Today I rooted into the Earth and reconnected to the Divine Mother, and received nourishment of my body, mind, heart, and soul. Beautiful lights and sensations traveling through my body as a new awakening was occurring. 

Today I got clear. Very. I have not felt this clear since mid-January. 

Today a red dragonfly landed on my foot and leg, hanging out with me for about an hour. (Their medicine represents change, transformation, joy) Other dragonflies continued to circle around. They have been visiting me a lot the past 2 months. I’ll be working with their medicine more. 

Today I was blessed by the presence and guidance of a very gifted healer through a ceremony in the water. She is a sister, a friend, a shaman, a being of light bringing so much beauty to this world. 

Today I walked in a medicine wheel and prayed for compassion for all beings everywhere. I asked for forgiveness and prayed for strength, courage, and patience. 

Today I laughed, belly laughs with my children and husband. I felt the illumination of laughter in my heart. 

Today I giggled at my puppy trying to take down my 95lb older dog. 

Today I remembered my light and experienced it in a new way. 

Today something changed. 

Today I felt a new me birthing inside; not defined by the events of my past or my body’s remembrance of them. 

Today I chose love. Today I chose joy. Today I chose peace. Today I chose my light. 

Today. Right now. In this moment. 

I feel content. :)

Much love,

Kate 🙏🏻💚😇

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Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency 

Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency 

Empathic Tip:
Empaths feel the energy behind the words being said more than they hear the actual words. 

Energetic congruency: when the energy being expressed matches the words being said. 

Tune into your body and feel when you are with someone who you trust and feel safe with. What happens in your body?

Think about someone who you don’t trust. What happens in your body? 

The next time you are in a situation and you feel the mistrust sensation, trust your body’s feelings about it. The body does not lie. 

The mind will create interpretations of the experience to be consistent with the patterns that have been trained into its neural networks. 

Cool part? 

By trusting your body, by giving it new experiences that are in alignment with truth, and energetic congruency, you can begin to rewrite the networks in the brain to have a new pattern. 

Please don’t doubt the sensations you receive in your body. They are messengers of truth waiting to be heard. They can help guide you to the deeper truths that reside within you. 

A thought to ponder…

Could your body be more intuitive than your mind? 

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My Best Friend 

My Best Friend 

I wake up with you every day. You greet me with a smile and with love. Sometimes I return the greeting, other times I curse at you for waking me up so early. 

We spend a lot of time together; walking, reading, practicing yoga, playing, dancing, spending time with the kids, cooking, cleaning; living daily life. 

I love being out in nature with you. You glow and have a heavenly way about you when you are in the elements. 

We go out to eat, drink tea and coffee, listen to music and laugh. We sit and lounge on the sofa, doing nothing and at times that is the best feeling in the world. 

You understand me and give me guidance on what I really need to hear, even if I don’t want to hear it. 

Sometimes you have aches and pains, it makes me feel bad that I can’t take them away for you. Even through the discomfort you still carry me through each day and love me no matter what. 

You support me, you challenge me, you push me, you irritate me. You are strong, you are graceful, you are present, you are loving and kind. 

We have been through major struggles, challenges, and some pretty awful times, but we made it through and are healthier, stronger, and wiser because of it. 

You tell me when I’m not listening and potentially creating more suffering for myself. I may not receive it well, and as much as I don’t want to admit it at times, you are usually right. Okay, almost always right. 

You let me know when I need to rest, although I don’t always listen to you. You don’t like that at all. 

You help me to see how I carry the past into the present and how I worry about what has not happened yet. You continually give me the gift of the present moment. 

You create space for me to be me and allow me the grace to move beyond this plane of existence to experience a deeper connection to Oneness. 

You sleep peacefully at night, calmly drifting off into a deep sleep. 

You are my best friend. I love you. 

You are my body; my greatest vehicle to experience the wonders of life. You are my greatest ally and my biggest supporter. 

I am in deep appreciation for all that you do for me everyday. Without you I would not be able to touch, to feel, to see, to hear, to taste, to experience the pleasures of a hug, a kiss, the wind, the sun, the Earth’s touch on my bare feet, the snuggle of my kids, the love from my husband, the laughter of my children, the vibrations of music, the sights of life that I am given each day. 

Dear Body,

I love you. I thank you for all you have done for me the past 35 years. 

I thank you for always being here for me and for continuously showing up. You are a powerful, amazing source of Divine wisdom. 

I bow to your greatness, your strength, your clarity, and your guidance. 

You hold within you the sacred space of the light of the Divine, and I appreciate you keeping me so carefully safe and loved. 

I promise to keep you clean, to protect you, to nourish you, to listen to you, and to move you every day. 

I’m sorry for the bullying of the past verbally, and physically. Please forgive me. That was never about you. 

Let’s join together and create this sacred Union to travel through this journey of life with compassion and love. That is my promise to you. 

In gratitude,

Me :) 

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How do you deal with the shi(f)t in life? 

How do you deal with the shi(f)t in life? 

Everyone has their own shi(f)ts to deal with. 
I observe that there are 3 ways people tend to do so:

1. Adult- own it, deal with it, clean it up

2. Adolescent- sit in it, complain about how it stinks, then ask people to join them

3. Toddler- spread it around waiting for someone else to clean it up for them

What I learned is people can only process it at the level they were taught how to do so. Many people are operating emotionally out of the toddler/adolescent level. It takes effort, practice, and presence to deal with it at the adult level. 

Life situations that are unexpected, unplanned, uncomfortable, stressful, etc…usually trigger an emotional response birthed from a much younger age. If someone has not learned how to present and able to observe, the mind reacts as the age in which that emotion was repressed and/or unexpressed. 

When we can learn to shift up and observe, recognizing the control we do have over the situation, consciously choose how we want to respond, then we can move forward and use the shi(f)ts in life to create a powerful change. 

 How to do that:

1. Stop and breathe

2. Ask yourself, what am I feeling right now?

3. In what ways am I creating this situation? 

4. What thoughts am I having that are feeding the negative energy of the situation? 

5. How do I want the situation to change?

6. What do I need to do that is within my control to make that happen?

7. Am I willing to do that?

8. What is the best thing I can do in this moment to create a positive shift?

Over time, the more you up-level into the adult observer, the more you will see the shifts occur in daily life. The less reactive you become, the more peaceful you will feel. 

What areas of your life do you tend to drop into toddler or adolescent reaction? Where are you able to be the adult? 

When we realize that we create the experiences we are having based on our interpretations and perceptions of the events, then we take back our power to create the life we want and desire. 

We begin to write the story instead of acting in it. 

Much love,

Kate 💚

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