Ask and You Shall Receive… 

Ask and You Shall Receive… 

…just perhaps not in the way you imagined. 

I prayed to be strong; I remembered my trauma. 

I prayed to be patient; I walked the road to feeling whole. 

I prayed for love; I faced my shame. 

I prayed for peace; I embraced my anxiety. 

I prayed for joy; I swam in the deepest sadness. 

I prayed to be rid of fear; I realized fear was my inner child needing love. 

I prayed for healing; I released my victim mentality. 

I prayed for security; I left everything that was unstable. 

I prayed for connection; I had to disconnect. 

I prayed to be saved; I met Jesus. 

I prayed for my life; I learned to love myself. 

I prayed for confidence; I was given massive trials. 

I prayed for abundance; I learned gratitude. 

I prayed to see the light; I remembered I am the light. 

Our greatest victories are birthed from our greatest trials. Sometimes we must walk in blind faith to remember we are never alone, and God’s plan is always bigger than what our humanness can imagine or comprehend. 

I pray for you to remember you are the light; however you need life to show up to help you do so, may it be through grace and ease. 
Much love,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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If I told you

If I told you

If I told you, you are beautiful, would you believe me or would you create an excuse?

If I told you, you are capable, would you agree or argue that you’re not?

If I told you, you have a choice, would you say you don’t?

If I told you, you are brilliant, would you smile and say thank you or give me all the ways you could improve?

If I told you, you are good enough, would you open your heart to receive or sink inward at the reasons you feel you aren’t? 

If I told you, I love you, would you be able to say it back or would you run through the many reasons you feel unloveable?

If I told you, you are perfect, would you blush or speak the reasons why you are not?

If I told you, there is no reason to feel ashamed, would you hear me or go back in time to all the memories you are carrying heavy on your heart?

If I told you, you have a great purpose here, would you believe me or brush it off saying we all do?

If I told you, within you is a light that has the power to light the whole world, would you embrace the possibility of it being true or push away the potential that lies within you?

If I told you, You are the light, would you be willing to see the glowing radiance that dances in your eyes when you speak about what you love or would you glance away and retract from the true essence of who you really are?

If I told you, you are the image of God in human form, would you consider it or would you turn away from the gift of being human? 

If I told you, you are loved so deeply that no matter where life takes you, no matter what happens, no matter what you do, there will never be a more beautiful, perfect you, would you be so willing to surrender into that promise or would you shy away from the grace of mercy?

All of this is true. 

You are beautiful, capable, brilliant, good enough, loved, forgiven, filled with grace, blessed by mercy, given free will, destined for greatness, a radiant light, perfectly designed to fulfill your own unique purpose birthed into your heart by the spark of the Divine. 

Yes, yes you are. All of this and so much more. 

So much love to you,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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Maybe it’s not about being spiritual at all… 

Maybe it’s not about being spiritual at all… 

Maybe it’s about learning to embrace our humanity. 

Maybe it’s about learning to feel. 

Maybe it’s about learning to stay present. 

Maybe it’s about learning to say, No. 

Maybe it’s about learning forgiveness. 

Maybe it’s about learning gratitude. 

Maybe it’s about finding joy in the mundane. 

Maybe it’s about showing compassion.

Maybe it’s about giving grace. 

Maybe it’s about learning to love. 

Maybe it’s about learning to be loved. 

Maybe it’s about love. 

Maybe it’s love. 

It’s love. 


That is all there really is. 

The rest is only an illusion. 

What illusions are you living?

What’s pulling you away from love? 

Lean into love. Even if it’s only a degree. 

Robert Frost said that, “he chose the road less traveled and that it made all the difference.” 

Well, I believe that Robert Frost was wrong. Unless the road less traveled is love, then yes, I agree. But I pray that Love is not the road less traveled. 

I will tell you this. 

I chose LOVE. 

That has made all the difference. 

Lean into love. 

I promise it will make all the difference. 

Big love to you,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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Shattered glass 

Shattered glass 

The tangled web of confusion

Winding through my heart

Breaks upon your essence

Coming closer with my breath.

Thousands of pieces of shattered glass 

sealed back together in golden light

The scars creating rainbow reflections 

outward in the sun.

Fragile, whole, easily broken 

yet forever strong,

Knowing the illusion of chaos 

is only in my mind.

The creation of purity 

imprinted on my soul,

Divine grace sealing me 

with translucent love.

The memories of the past 

dissolve into liquid

Leaving the body 

with each tear that falls.

A glistening in the eye returns

one of passion and purpose,

The heart now spacious and

Ready to receive life. 

As open as the sky

rooted deep in love,

A new way of being revealed

as I follow the way. 


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The Field of Light 

The Field of Light 

I sit in this field waiting for you. The smell of an early Spring blossoming in the air. 

The mist of the morning dissipating in the glistening sun. Trickles of rainbows bouncing off the morning dew. 

The stillness of the trees remind me of your peacefulness. The sweet bird songs filling the air with pleasant melodies. 

I could sit here waiting forever. Wondering. Imagining what it would be like. 

My heart opening to the vastness of emotion and possibilities. My body remembering the sensations and energy traveling through with each breath. 

Passion and desire rippling through me as I drop into a deeper layer of awareness. 

Vibrant colors swirl in front of me as the winds blow ever so gently through the fresh green leaves. 

Finally you arrive. I see you. I feel you. I know you. What feels like an eternity of moments culminating in a brief connection of bliss. I’ve missed you deeply. 

Often wondering where you are, why you left, if I would ever see or feel you again. 

You speak to me and your words melt the aching sadness inside. A glowing warmth travels through me as a reflection of your grace illuminates in my eyes. 

We rest together; talking, sharing, laughing. Allowing the presence of nature to fill the spaces of silence. Often words are not needed. 

Time moves quickly and I find myself grasping for more. I could stay like this for an eternity; here with you. 

You tell me you have to go but that you will return soon. I smile knowing now that this unity will always be inside me. It never left; I simply forgot how to see. 

You have given me the gift of remembering my light. I will treasure it always and return to it often. 

I open my eyes and here I am, resting in this field of light, breathing in life-giving air. I remember. I see. I feel. I am. 

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The Goddess Within Me

The Goddess Within Me

The Goddess Within Me

A piece of me will forever be untamed, wild and free.

She shows her face in the moonlit sky.

She runs towards the dark and in the shadows she often hides.

She approaches the day with a fire in her eyes.

She torches the fears that get tangled up inside.

She loves with fierce passion, courageous, bold and strong.

She fights for the truth and admits when she is wrong.

She honors the Earth with gratitude and joy.

She curses the ego and all it employs.

Don’t you dare try and cage her.

She reigns above all.

She is the Goddess within me.

She will never fall.

~Kate Shipp

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