The Yoga of Letting Go- storms & rainbows 

The Yoga of Letting Go- storms & rainbows 

You’ll often hear a teacher in yoga class say, “Let go of that which you cannot control.” Or “detach from the outcome.” Or even, “Practice non-attachment.” 

One of the Yamas in the 8-limb tradition, Aparigraha, non-attachment. 

Let’s get real though. It’s really crazy hard to let go. How do you let go? What does that really mean?

I think we all can understand the concept; to release our hold on something. 

The dictionary defines it as, “to allow someone or something to escape or go free, to relinquish ones grip on something or someone”

Applying this teaching is a totally different situation. 

As I started examining my own tendencies to hold on to things, I first looked at what I do have control over because let’s be honest, the real root-issue here is feeling out of control of the person or situation. 

So, what can we control?

1. Our breath

2. Our thoughts

3. Our emotions

4. Our actions

That’s it. 4 things that are within our control. 

One of my healers who now speaks to me from the other side once said to me, “Kate, is this within your control?” At which point I do a mental checklist of those 4 things. 

Then he would say, “If not, let it go. If yes, then what are you willing to do about it?”

Key word being “willing”. It is our willingness to change that determines whether the outcome will be different. 

I realized that so much of the areas of my life that cause(d) me stress, anxiety, fear, were because I was trying, hoping, wishing to control something, someone, or an outcome in which I had/have no control over. 

Instead, I had to learn to take control over that which I can, and to let go (of the thought) that I had any control to begin with in the first place. 

In comes the practice of, Sraddha. Deep Faith and Trust. 

I’ve learned that in order to let go, I must have faith and trust that everything is exactly as it is supposed to be in each moment. 

I have to know that there is a greater purpose to unwelcome situations. 

I have to trust that when people choose to leave my life, it’s for my highest good. 

I have to have faith that when my one-year-old puppy has seizures that God has a plan. (Yes, I took him to the vet. Yes, we are getting some answers. No, it doesn’t make it any less scary. Yes, I am taking control of what I can, and trust that all is as it needs to be.) 

Here’s the thing: you can’t say you have deep faith and trust and only believe that when it serves you, when you understand, when things go how you want them to. That’s not Sraddha; that’s a self-serving limiting belief that only pisses you off when things don’t go your way. 

Sraddha is the kind of faith and trust that surpasses all understanding. 

It is the foundation upon which grace is felt. 

It is the underlying structure of safety that allows someone to move mountains and beat cancer. 

It is the heart-pounding, gut-wrenching perseverance that keeps some on the path to healing when storms keep rolling in. 

Letting go is an act of faith. 

It is saying, I am willing to trust. 

I am willing to trust so much so that I am surrendering my felt-sense of control over to something higher that lives within me. 

Letting go is not easy. It is incredibly hard. It is painfully hard at times. It requires strength, patience, determination, and the willingness to choose something new. 

Letting go is an act of grace and humility. 

It is showing up for yourself and acknowledging that perhaps you don’t know, you can’t do it alone, maybe it’s not what you thought, perhaps that friendship/relationship is over, maybe it has been for a while. 

Letting go is an understanding that you don’t know everything, that expectations create obstacles, and that life can be downright shitty at times- and that you’ll somehow be okay. 

Letting go creates space for forgiveness, for compassion, for resurrection, for new life. 

In a forward fold, when we let go of our mind, and surrender our heads into our hearts, we begin to tune inward and hear the still, small(BIG) voice patiently waiting to guide us. Our head may scream, how much longer do I have to hold this? Why isn’t she/he (the teacher) moving us out of this sooner? Why the hell am I still in this position? Our heart knows it’s all okay just as it is in that moment. 

In life, if we go inward, surrender our minds to our hearts, and listen to that same voice, we will be guided to take the right action at the right time.  Our head may scream, how much longer do I have to hold this? Why isn’t she/he (the teacher of life) moving us out of this sooner? Why the hell am I still in this position? Our heart knows it’s all okay just as it is in that moment. 

The yoga of letting go is not to say, stop trying and let life happen to you. 

The yoga of letting go is saying, I am willing to surrender that which I cannot control, AND I am willing to give space for grace, to have faith that through the Divine, radiant light that dwells within my heart, I will take the right action at the right time, and trust that all will be as it is for the highest good of all. 

The greatest gift I have received from practicing the yoga of letting go is returning to the true source of peace that dwells inside my heart. It is a constant and never-ending source of joy that no one or no thing can take away. 

By a continual practice of surrendering control, of taking control of what I can, of having deep faith and trust in knowing all will be okay, through self-compassion and love, my life is realigning to one of grace & ease, even in the really hard moments. 

I invite you to consider a practice of surrender, of letting go, of Sraddha- a deep faith & trust that you are guided, connected, and deeply loved. That life is happening for you. 

That even in the storm, there is always a rainbow if you are willing to see it. 

Much love,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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If I told you

If I told you

If I told you, you are beautiful, would you believe me or would you create an excuse?

If I told you, you are capable, would you agree or argue that you’re not?

If I told you, you have a choice, would you say you don’t?

If I told you, you are brilliant, would you smile and say thank you or give me all the ways you could improve?

If I told you, you are good enough, would you open your heart to receive or sink inward at the reasons you feel you aren’t? 

If I told you, I love you, would you be able to say it back or would you run through the many reasons you feel unloveable?

If I told you, you are perfect, would you blush or speak the reasons why you are not?

If I told you, there is no reason to feel ashamed, would you hear me or go back in time to all the memories you are carrying heavy on your heart?

If I told you, you have a great purpose here, would you believe me or brush it off saying we all do?

If I told you, within you is a light that has the power to light the whole world, would you embrace the possibility of it being true or push away the potential that lies within you?

If I told you, You are the light, would you be willing to see the glowing radiance that dances in your eyes when you speak about what you love or would you glance away and retract from the true essence of who you really are?

If I told you, you are the image of God in human form, would you consider it or would you turn away from the gift of being human? 

If I told you, you are loved so deeply that no matter where life takes you, no matter what happens, no matter what you do, there will never be a more beautiful, perfect you, would you be so willing to surrender into that promise or would you shy away from the grace of mercy?

All of this is true. 

You are beautiful, capable, brilliant, good enough, loved, forgiven, filled with grace, blessed by mercy, given free will, destined for greatness, a radiant light, perfectly designed to fulfill your own unique purpose birthed into your heart by the spark of the Divine. 

Yes, yes you are. All of this and so much more. 

So much love to you,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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The Real Role of the Lightworkers

The Real Role of the Lightworkers

Ages ago when times were simpler, people would gather in tribes to support each other through the transitions of life. 

Celebrations would commence. Dancing would be done. Chanting would be sung. Discussions would be held. 

The tribe would come together to hold sacred space for love. 

What happened to our world? 

When did hatred and fear take over the hearts of so many?

When did turning a blind eye replace helping your neighbor?

When did, “I don’t care” become more popular than, “Here, let me help.”

I work with many people each week who are self-declared “lightworkers”; someone who works to bring light into the world. I, too, have self-declared this, as well as being labeled as it by many. 

Let’s look at that label a little deeper. A light worker is someone who brings light into the darkness. They are shadow excavators, truth-bombers, hands of hope, torches of fire, to those unable to see, feel, or find their way into the light. 

Lightworkers journey into the dark casting a flame of illumination on all the places where love does not live. It is the job of the lightworkers to bring the light. 

Just as well as a candle lights up a sun-filled room, a lightworker is not fulfilling his/her purpose by shining brilliantly in a room of other lightworkers. 

Yes, the tribe of lightworkers must gather as in ages past, to support, to share, to dance, to chant, to discuss. Then, they must go out into the community and be the light where there in dark. 

Many lightworkers I talk to want to avoid the dark, as they have done so much of their own work to not live in it anymore. They don’t want to leave their sacred tribe. They want to gather more members and live in the community of light. 

What many don’t realize is the only way to gather more tribal members is to leave the comfort of the tribal nest, wander into the shadows, serve those seeking help, and keep bearing the light of truth- not only through words, but even moreso through action. 

As the lightworkers begin to journey into this world that has been infused with suffering, raindrops of love, flickers of light, and beams of truth will eventually overcome the veil of darkness weighing heavy in the hearts of so many. 

Don’t shy away when it gets scary. 

Don’t be afraid to share the truth. 

Dive in. Excavate. You know your soul was made for these times. You wouldn’t be here otherwise. 

The evolution of human beings is dependent upon those awake to act in accordance with the Divine Laws of Love. 

During these transitionary times, yes, it gets incredibly difficult to maintain centering, grounding, clarity, and self-compassion. It is common to want to hide. That would be easy. 

Lightworkers don’t do easy. Simple, but not easy. 

Self-care is a must each day. This is not optional. 

Taking time to reset, to nourish, to nurture, to be. 

Always know you can return to your tribe, and I suggest you do regularly, to reconnect, reinspire, reaffirm, and celebrate the light in the world. 

It is time to serve. Asking your higher power, “How may I serve? Show me who I can serve today? Help me to be love.”

There is goodness, light, peace, and love circulating in this world. The more we are willing to stand as the light, even in the darkest places, the more lightworkers will be born. 

I ask of you, if you are a lightworker, to summon the courage, the strength, the fierceness, to journey into the humanness of this world, and be the beacon of light you are called to be. 

Serve the greater good through kindness, compassion, grace, and love. 

Be the love that lives within your heart. 

It is an eternal flame that has the power to ignite a spark in each person you meet. 

I see your light. I feel your light. I know your light. For we are one. 

Much love and gratitude,

Kate 💚🙏🏻🖇

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The Field of Light 

The Field of Light 

I sit in this field waiting for you. The smell of an early Spring blossoming in the air. 

The mist of the morning dissipating in the glistening sun. Trickles of rainbows bouncing off the morning dew. 

The stillness of the trees remind me of your peacefulness. The sweet bird songs filling the air with pleasant melodies. 

I could sit here waiting forever. Wondering. Imagining what it would be like. 

My heart opening to the vastness of emotion and possibilities. My body remembering the sensations and energy traveling through with each breath. 

Passion and desire rippling through me as I drop into a deeper layer of awareness. 

Vibrant colors swirl in front of me as the winds blow ever so gently through the fresh green leaves. 

Finally you arrive. I see you. I feel you. I know you. What feels like an eternity of moments culminating in a brief connection of bliss. I’ve missed you deeply. 

Often wondering where you are, why you left, if I would ever see or feel you again. 

You speak to me and your words melt the aching sadness inside. A glowing warmth travels through me as a reflection of your grace illuminates in my eyes. 

We rest together; talking, sharing, laughing. Allowing the presence of nature to fill the spaces of silence. Often words are not needed. 

Time moves quickly and I find myself grasping for more. I could stay like this for an eternity; here with you. 

You tell me you have to go but that you will return soon. I smile knowing now that this unity will always be inside me. It never left; I simply forgot how to see. 

You have given me the gift of remembering my light. I will treasure it always and return to it often. 

I open my eyes and here I am, resting in this field of light, breathing in life-giving air. I remember. I see. I feel. I am. 

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Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency 

Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency 

Empathic Tip:
Empaths feel the energy behind the words being said more than they hear the actual words. 

Energetic congruency: when the energy being expressed matches the words being said. 

Tune into your body and feel when you are with someone who you trust and feel safe with. What happens in your body?

Think about someone who you don’t trust. What happens in your body? 

The next time you are in a situation and you feel the mistrust sensation, trust your body’s feelings about it. The body does not lie. 

The mind will create interpretations of the experience to be consistent with the patterns that have been trained into its neural networks. 

Cool part? 

By trusting your body, by giving it new experiences that are in alignment with truth, and energetic congruency, you can begin to rewrite the networks in the brain to have a new pattern. 

Please don’t doubt the sensations you receive in your body. They are messengers of truth waiting to be heard. They can help guide you to the deeper truths that reside within you. 

A thought to ponder…

Could your body be more intuitive than your mind? 

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Processing Repressed Emotions 

Processing Repressed Emotions 

There is a level of emotion that comes in sometimes like an unexpected wind. It knocks everything over and takes our breath away. It causes disarray and chaos. It sends heartache to the core and dismantles our thought process into one of confusion and fear. 

It asks for nothing but our full presence to feel it. The problem is we try to reorganize it all; putting things back into their right places, cleaning up the messes, creating order. This only lasts so long until the next wind swoops in and once again we are a cluttered, papers blown everywhere, overwhelmed mess. 

So how do we bring peace to these unforeseen explosions of repressed emotions? 

  1. Give the emotion presence. Label it. Feel it. You don’t have to analyze it, fix it, heal it, cure it, transform it. Just be with it. 
  2. Write it out. Give the emotion a voice. Ask it what message it has for you. 
  3. Shift your language from, ‘I’m angry’ to, ‘I feel angry’. Stop labeling the emotion as an identification of self. It is simply a feeling. 
  4. Notice where it lives within your body. What part of your body reacts to that emotion? Relax into that part of your body on the exhalations.
  5. Give yourself permission to not have to do anything. Just breathe. 
  6. Allow the emotion to float by. Just as your breath comes and goes, so do the emotions. If you hang onto it, it can’t float by. If you notice it, observe it, and allow it to be, it will float by more quickly. If you try to catch it, change it, examine it, you are feeding its energy and it will hang on. 
  7. Connect to the you that notices the emotion. Who is the you that recognizes you are having a feeling moment? Drop into that part of you.
  8. Recognize and understand that there is a part of you that is eternally at peace regardless of what emotion is surfacing. This part of you is always available at any time.
  9. Spend time creating a relationship to this part of you. Some call it your Soul, your True Self, your Authentic Self. Whatever it is to you, be with that space everyday. Cultivate a deeper sense of connection to it. Feel into it. Listen into it. Discover its wisdom. 

Honor your humanness. Discover the secrets of the many faceted layers of emotion within your body. It is a beautiful blessing to feel so deeply. 

No matter what is happening, you have the power to choose peace. When you reclaim this power, you unplug the power cord from the emotions that no longer serve you. Remember, peacefulness is only a few breaths away. 

In gratitude,

Kate :) 


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