Kate Shipp Heart RockThe Window Within, LLC is Kate Shipp’s company founded on the intention of teaching tools and practices to help you remember the radiant light that shines within your heart, and how to allow that light to be your guide in daily life.

The Window Within is the place where peaceful stillness and radiance resides within each of us. It is in this clear space that we can truly see, hear and feel our divine light. When we allow ourselves to return to that space, we touch the earth and sky with every breath. We live in complete harmony and love with ourselves and with the world.

Whether it’s through yogic practices, energy healing, meditation, or intuitive messages, you are met where you are on all levels of being, and given a safe, compassionate space to journey inward and connect to your own guidance and light.

You will learn how to live a life guided by the heart and facilitated by the mind. You will learn to train your mind to work for you, and to listen to the quiet, BIG voice inside that always knows what is best for you. You will learn to live as a spiritually embodied being.

Most of all, you will learn to love yourself and in doing so, how to live a life of love.