2nd Annual METTA Retreat

METTA Retreat : Loving-kindness and Compassion Weekend

Friday, October 21st - Sunday, October 23rd
arrive at Noon on Friday, end at 5pm Sunday

Butterfly Garden Inn, Sedona, AZ

{ALL INCLUSIVE RETREAT: Lodging, meals, and retreat are all included in the pricing}

Join Melissa Corter and Kate Shipp for a weekend of exploring your authentic Self from a place of compassion and loving-kindness.
Repetitive patterns of limiting beliefs, old habits and behaviors that you no longer need, and the stories of the past hold you back from getting to know the true you and creating the life you desire. This can lead us to potential negative self-talk, fear, judgements and feelings of lack and unworthiness.

What is the Authentic You?
The you that is always beautiful, peaceful, calm and content. The you that shines from the inside. The you that others see when you enter a room and share from your heart. The you that is able to continue forward when times get tough. The you that radiates love and compassion to yourself and others.

What will you experience on this retreat?
This retreat will take you through experiences of love. Experiences where you will have the opportunity to shine a light on those places where you tend to hide from the crowd. Experiences where you break down old walls and barriers to see your soul. Experiences where you are opened up to the light and see the unlimited potential of your being, where you learn the true magnitude of your greatness and how with compassion and loving-kindness, you can allow those parts of you to show up in all situations.
This retreat will expand your edges, take you out of your comfort zone, and give you the tools and practices you need to move you forward in creating the life you desire. Learn how to be at peace within yourself, coming from a place of love and compassion and using that light to guide you on your path to freedom.

Care to join us?
We will be hosting this transformative retreat at the beautiful Butterfly Garden Inn in Sedona Arizona. You may go here to view the beautiful grounds, cabins, and location information: www.thebutterflygardeninn.com
Friday, October 21 – Sunday, October 23, 2016
Arrive at Noon on Friday, ending at 5pm Sunday

Some of the Activities we will enjoy together:   

Yoga - no experience required
Meditation & Mindfulness
Sound Healing
Shadow Work
Intuitive Development
Energy Healing
Shamanic practices
Quiet Reflection time

Early bird pricing: $725 if paid in full by July 1st,
$880 after July 1st. $250 deposit required
*Prices are based on double occupancy, please email or call for private cabin rate
vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free options are available

You may pay the Early Bird Full $725 or $250 deposit here: