Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency 

Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency 

Empathic Tip:
Empaths feel the energy behind the words being said more than they hear the actual words. 

Energetic congruency: when the energy being expressed matches the words being said. 

Tune into your body and feel when you are with someone who you trust and feel safe with. What happens in your body?

Think about someone who you don’t trust. What happens in your body? 

The next time you are in a situation and you feel the mistrust sensation, trust your body’s feelings about it. The body does not lie. 

The mind will create interpretations of the experience to be consistent with the patterns that have been trained into its neural networks. 

Cool part? 

By trusting your body, by giving it new experiences that are in alignment with truth, and energetic congruency, you can begin to rewrite the networks in the brain to have a new pattern. 

Please don’t doubt the sensations you receive in your body. They are messengers of truth waiting to be heard. They can help guide you to the deeper truths that reside within you. 

A thought to ponder…

Could your body be more intuitive than your mind? 

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Truths about me…just a few

Truths about me…just a few

Truths about me:

I love hard and I fight just as hard.

I can be joyously happy and a raving bitch.

I am capable of crazy levels of compassion and crazy levels of anger.

I will defend and protect those I love with intense armor.

I wear my heart open; I have nothing to hide.

I will shield up and love you from afar if you break my trust; not because I cannot forgive, (I am forgiving, very) but I am not one to be a doormat and pretend it never happened.

I can hold a very safe space for you to reveal the deepest parts of your heart and help you find self-love.

I am stubborn. Very.

I will not settle in my life with emotionally unavailable people.

I will not make excuses or apologize for behaviors that are authentic to me.

I will not become a chameleon to make other people happy or feel comfortable.

I will not pretend to be okay with something to not ruffle any feathers and instead find ways to communicate directly and truthfully.

If you don’t like me, I am not responsible for that. Not my problem.

I will observe and notice how I feel about someone, something, etc… and if it at all does not feel right, I will disengage and honor my intuitive senses.

I will not stay in a place where I am not respected.

I will not invest my energy (times, resources, money, love, etc…) into people or situations that deplete, drain, or try to control my energy.

I can go dark; really dark. I can also go multi-dimensional light. There has to be both.

I enjoy looking at thGrandcanyonBWe stars and moon but I prefer to stare at the vast dark space between and imagine what it is like to be beyond the beyond.

I find mystical and magical things to be fascinating and real.

If I don’t meditate each day, you may not want to be around me. Just kidding… but seriously. If I don’t meditate everyday, you may not want to be around me. 😉

I know meditation is a critical key to happiness and inner peace. Give it a try. Many. Then keep going.

I know people come into my life for a reason. I know some will stay forever. I know some will go very quickly. I know some are sent to teach me to say no, to set boundaries, and to learn to honor me first. I know all are sent to teach me to love even more.

I love conversations about what makes your heart light up, what you’re deeply afraid of, what dreams make you lose sleep at night, what causes you to want to fight, what you think about when you are lost in a daydream, what memories come to mind when you hear certain songs, what places you think about when you desire to travel, what challenges cause you to remain living a life of comfortable discomfort and what it would really take for you to step up and out of that box.

There are days when I absolutely love being a mom and days when I wonder what it would be like to not have these incredibly beautiful, challenging beings deeply embedded into the fibers of my heart.

I believe that anything we want to create is possible with an open mind, and a loving heart, and fiery discipline.

I will work my ass off to achieve my goals but I also know when to cut the chords and move on when my energy is being drained.

I will call you out on your bullshit and hope you face the truth of your light and your worthiness.

I believe some people are just assholes but even assholes began as pure, loving beings and that somewhere within them is that same Divine spark. I just don’t want to go digging through shit to find it. I will gladly hold a flashlight but I’m not doing your digging for you.

I listen to and honor my intuition. Even when it sucks and tells me exactly what I don’t want to hear. It is always right. Always.

I understand that we all take different paths up the same mountain and that there really is no mountain but the illusion is so strong that we feel like it has to be a struggle when really if we just stop, breathe and look, we see that we are already there.

I believe that everything is energy and just by changing our breath, we are changing the energy within us and around us. We can heal dis-ease with breath. That is a strong superpower if you ask me!

I often wonder what life is really about and if are we all just living in an optical illusion of some divinely created matrix that when we take our last breath will dissolve into pure energy.

If you call me crazy, a hippie, a new age loving, mystic with insane dreams with ungrounded beliefs, I will say, Thank you!

I talk to, see, experience, feel, believe in, and educate others on the spirit realm. It is just as real to me as you are, sometimes even more so. Sometimes I have to remind myself that you are human and they are spirit. That is how real it can get.

I believe our bodies are the vehicle to Divine knowledge and by spiritually embodied living, we can uncover the secrets stored within our cells.

I believe we created fear. Therefore, we can get rid of it.

I believe in the basic goodness of all people but that interpretations of experiences in life make some people feel unloved and unworthy, which creates immense fear and isolation, leading to disastrous thoughts that wreak havoc over their inner world, turning into chaotic, hateful behaviors in the outer world. I believe these people also deserve compassion.

I believe that the hardest work we will ever do is to love ourselves so immensely that no matter what anyone else says or does to us, we are able to see our own radiance and remember that we are here for a very special reason.

I believe that through loving-kindness and compassion for ourselves first, we can create a ripple effect of change and slowly shift the paradigm of this planet into love.grandcanyoncolor

I believe in love. Not fairy-tale, picture perfect, movie kind of love. I mean the raw, the real, the truth, the passion, the ugly, the vulnerable, the scary, the deep, the dark, the illuminated, the ecstasy, the all-consuming, electrifying, terrifying kind of real love that makes all of life worth living.

I believe that as a collective whole we can come together to create a world where all beings everywhere can thrive and live in peace.

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.” – John Lennon


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