My Best Friend 

My Best Friend 

I wake up with you every day. You greet me with a smile and with love. Sometimes I return the greeting, other times I curse at you for waking me up so early. 

We spend a lot of time together; walking, reading, practicing yoga, playing, dancing, spending time with the kids, cooking, cleaning; living daily life. 

I love being out in nature with you. You glow and have a heavenly way about you when you are in the elements. 

We go out to eat, drink tea and coffee, listen to music and laugh. We sit and lounge on the sofa, doing nothing and at times that is the best feeling in the world. 

You understand me and give me guidance on what I really need to hear, even if I don’t want to hear it. 

Sometimes you have aches and pains, it makes me feel bad that I can’t take them away for you. Even through the discomfort you still carry me through each day and love me no matter what. 

You support me, you challenge me, you push me, you irritate me. You are strong, you are graceful, you are present, you are loving and kind. 

We have been through major struggles, challenges, and some pretty awful times, but we made it through and are healthier, stronger, and wiser because of it. 

You tell me when I’m not listening and potentially creating more suffering for myself. I may not receive it well, and as much as I don’t want to admit it at times, you are usually right. Okay, almost always right. 

You let me know when I need to rest, although I don’t always listen to you. You don’t like that at all. 

You help me to see how I carry the past into the present and how I worry about what has not happened yet. You continually give me the gift of the present moment. 

You create space for me to be me and allow me the grace to move beyond this plane of existence to experience a deeper connection to Oneness. 

You sleep peacefully at night, calmly drifting off into a deep sleep. 

You are my best friend. I love you. 

You are my body; my greatest vehicle to experience the wonders of life. You are my greatest ally and my biggest supporter. 

I am in deep appreciation for all that you do for me everyday. Without you I would not be able to touch, to feel, to see, to hear, to taste, to experience the pleasures of a hug, a kiss, the wind, the sun, the Earth’s touch on my bare feet, the snuggle of my kids, the love from my husband, the laughter of my children, the vibrations of music, the sights of life that I am given each day. 

Dear Body,

I love you. I thank you for all you have done for me the past 35 years. 

I thank you for always being here for me and for continuously showing up. You are a powerful, amazing source of Divine wisdom. 

I bow to your greatness, your strength, your clarity, and your guidance. 

You hold within you the sacred space of the light of the Divine, and I appreciate you keeping me so carefully safe and loved. 

I promise to keep you clean, to protect you, to nourish you, to listen to you, and to move you every day. 

I’m sorry for the bullying of the past verbally, and physically. Please forgive me. That was never about you. 

Let’s join together and create this sacred Union to travel through this journey of life with compassion and love. That is my promise to you. 

In gratitude,

Me :) 

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Celebrate Your Successes

Celebrate Your Successes

I hear many people talk about all their goals, their aspirations, their dreams. They talk about what it is they want to accomplish and how much they have to-do to make it happen. As I listen to these conversations and engage in them myself, a question from Spirit often floats into my mind.

“Do you take time to celebrate your successes, or are you so focused on what’s next that you forget to enjoy the achievements already made?”

It stops all other thoughts. My heart feels it. My head hears it. My body responds in stillness . It takes me back to a few years ago when I first heard these words from Spirit.

I remember it very clearly. It was after I completed my Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner training, October 2012. I was stuck in the, “Now What?” energy. Then those words floated into my mind.

“When was the last time that you celebrated your successes?”

I did not know. I did not remember. I thought, What did that even mean to celebrate my successes? Who has time to celebrate when there is more to do?

As it is in situations like this, I went to my journal and began to write about it. Through my writing I realized how future driven I can be, always looking to accomplish my to-do lists, my next step, my next best thing. It was not often that I took time to indulge and engage in the experience of achieving a set out goal or dream. It was not often that I allowed myself to be with the sensations of accomplishment, pride, gratitude and fulfillment. It was even more rare that I gave myself the chance to be in the state of contentment.

So, what was I guided to do? I was guided to make a list of 100 things I was proud of myself for accomplishing up to that point in my life. I remember thinking, “100 things?! That’s crazy. There are not 100 things I am proud of myself for.” You can see how little self-worth I had up to that point.

I started the list right then. The list included really small things like learning to ride a bike, and really big things like birthing two healthy children. Things like, I was able to handle cooking dinner with 2 screaming children and not lose my temper. It has things listed such as, I got an A in Calculus and graduated in 4 years while working full-time through most of college. It included simple things like, I let myself do nothing and have a day of silence. It listed everyday accomplishments and big moments. It included things that I never gave myself any credit for, and the things I knew I was proud of but never said, “Great job!” to myself.  I wrote out situations that helped me move through fear, such as the memory of riding a horse bareback and with no bridle over a 4ft+ jump.

As I wrote this list I realized how many of my goals I have achieved, how much “success” I have in my life, and how powerful I am at creating what it is that I say that I want. I learned that I spent many, many years not celebrating the big things and definitely not the little things.

This list tremendously helped me in building my confidence, my self-worth, my drive, and most of all, my ability to be my own best cheerleader. I refer back to this list often, and add to it as I celebrate each success. During times when I am down on myself and having a “there is no way I can do that” moment, I refer back to this list and look at the ones that really bring me out of fear and into motivation.

Now I choose to celebrate each day! Each day has its gifts and successes. I may not accomplish everything on my to-do list. I may not achieve all that I set out to do. It may be a day when I don’t do anything that some would say is worth celebrating. As I fall asleep at night, I state 5 things in my head that I am grateful for from that day, often times I write it out in my journal. I give thanks for the day and for the blessings bestowed upon me. I allow myself to revel in the feeling, noticing how my heart and body respond to achieving a goal.

Sometimes, I celebrate by doing nothing and just being. Sometimes it is telling myself, “You did it! Congratulations!” Sometimes it is treating myself to a gift as a memory of the success.

Most days, celebrating my successes shows up as a smile on my face, peace in my heart, and the internal acknowledgement that, “I did good, and that I am enough.”

While it does not have to be a big deal, it does not have to be a huge celebration, I do believe it is important take the time to recognize, honor, and celebrate you!

What does it mean to you to Celebrate Your Successes? Would you be willing to make a list of 100 things you are proud of yourself for accomplishing up until this point in your life?

I would love to hear about how you celebrate your successes! Share in the comments below.

In gratitude,

Kate :)


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How do you deal with the shi(f)t in life? 

How do you deal with the shi(f)t in life? 

Everyone has their own shi(f)ts to deal with. 
I observe that there are 3 ways people tend to do so:

1. Adult- own it, deal with it, clean it up

2. Adolescent- sit in it, complain about how it stinks, then ask people to join them

3. Toddler- spread it around waiting for someone else to clean it up for them

What I learned is people can only process it at the level they were taught how to do so. Many people are operating emotionally out of the toddler/adolescent level. It takes effort, practice, and presence to deal with it at the adult level. 

Life situations that are unexpected, unplanned, uncomfortable, stressful, etc…usually trigger an emotional response birthed from a much younger age. If someone has not learned how to present and able to observe, the mind reacts as the age in which that emotion was repressed and/or unexpressed. 

When we can learn to shift up and observe, recognizing the control we do have over the situation, consciously choose how we want to respond, then we can move forward and use the shi(f)ts in life to create a powerful change. 

 How to do that:

1. Stop and breathe

2. Ask yourself, what am I feeling right now?

3. In what ways am I creating this situation? 

4. What thoughts am I having that are feeding the negative energy of the situation? 

5. How do I want the situation to change?

6. What do I need to do that is within my control to make that happen?

7. Am I willing to do that?

8. What is the best thing I can do in this moment to create a positive shift?

Over time, the more you up-level into the adult observer, the more you will see the shifts occur in daily life. The less reactive you become, the more peaceful you will feel. 

What areas of your life do you tend to drop into toddler or adolescent reaction? Where are you able to be the adult? 

When we realize that we create the experiences we are having based on our interpretations and perceptions of the events, then we take back our power to create the life we want and desire. 

We begin to write the story instead of acting in it. 

Much love,

Kate 💚

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